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HVAC Maintenance Metairie La.

SAS Mechanical’s only business is providing the residents and businesses of New Orleans & surrounding areas, professional, cost-effective air conditioning, cooling and HVAC repair, service and maintenance programs.

Why do you have to have AC Maintenance?

  • The cooling and heating in your home is half of the energy used in your household, so obiviously, important decisions concerning your ventilation, heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system has a large effect on your utility bills. Making sure proper maintenance of your cooling and heating system – seeing that it’s running efficiently will cut down on your utility bill.
  • Homeowners can add more years (in some cases 3-5 years) to the life and efficiently of their air and heating system just by getting it appropriately maintained.
  • The cooling and heating system needs regular tune-ups just like your car. With maintenance, your air contditioning system should run the exact temperature you want all day long. Otherwise, without the maintenance you will receive inconsistency with temperatures and experieince discomfort because the unit is working too hard.
  • Typically, homeowners think of routine maintenance to be costly. When in actuality, it’s cheaper for routine maintenance than to pay for repairs or replacement, especially at the last minute, when they have no choice but to call their HVAC service provider because their air conditioner won’t cool or heat and their furance refuses to ignite. It’s because of poor routine maintenace that they find themselves paying way more plus they have to wait around on the hottest or coldest day of the year. In the long run, it’s worth the time and money to put your HVAC system on a yearly scheduled check-up.
  • Many manufacturers mandate routine maintenance to your HVAC unit. In turn, the routine maintenance will not only validate your manufacturer’s warranty, but will guard you from costly system repairs.
  • Lubricating all the moving parts in your HVAC system, yearly is important. If it lacks lube, it can cause resistance within the motors and can use up more electricity that you normally use. Additionally, it can cause the equipment to wear down a lot quicker which can require more repairs and replacements.
  • Inspecting the blower components by adjusting and cleaning them is part of system maintenance. Doing so helps make sure the air conditioner has proper airflow so that you continue to have comfortable temperature levels. Up to 15% of your system’s efficiency is reduced when you have airflow problems.
  • It is important that the homeowners inspect, change or clean the air filters in their central cooling and heating system at least once a month to avoid high energy bills and damage to their system which can result in premature system failure.

HVAC Scheduled Maintenance

Keeping your heating and cooling systems in working order is crucial for the comfort of your residential or commercial property. The best way to ensure you are not caught off guard with a heating or cooling failure is to schedule regular maintenance.

Having a professional HVAC technician come out for an annual maintenance can not only help you avoid costly breakdowns, but it ensures your unit is operating as efficiently as possible. Efficient HVAC systems mean lower energy bills and a more comfortable environment! That’s why you should choose SAS Mechanical expert technicians to perform your HVAC maintenance. We will always respect your property and make sure your unit is in good shape.

Healthy Air Control

SAS Mechanical Air PurifersClean, healthy air is FREE of particulates, dust, smoke and atmospheric particles. SAS Technicians are factory trained and can work with you to recommend a custom designed system to remove these unwanted particles and allergens from the air in your home. Our carefully calibrated ultraviolet lamps can be installed to reproduce the natural germicidal rays that kill germs and control allergens.

Tired of cooking and pet odors? The professionally installed lamps are safer to humans than any chemical treatment, but are deadly to the microorganisms that spread unchecked inside homes and businesses. You can learn more about the UV lights we install and the benefits for you and your family.

Duct Cleaning/Clean Air Solutions

SAS offers a variety of prodcuts and services that provide solutions to your family’s health concerns and needs.

  • Duct Cleaning
  • Humidifiers/Dehumidifiers
  • 5″ Pleated Filters
  • ERV Systems
  • UV Lights
  • Comfort Controls

Commercial Refrigeration

SAS installs and services refrigeration equipment.

  • Walk-Ins
  • Ice Machines
  • Reach-Ins


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